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Pauline Raina
Pauline Raina
  POTY 2008
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Pauline's Pot Pourrie

Hello dear friends,
Great to be here and greet you once again :-)
Trust your month of January went swell, and you are all geared up to face another month of challenges with vigor, determination and most of all PASSION !!.
I am so pleased with the feedback I received for our January edition, I've published some of them here. As you can see Bogdan's write and Joe's thoughts really did what it meant too…Alain was even inspired to start a forum on this topic by Bogdan. Wow, I am beyond happy when I see our newsletter doing exactly as its intended to. Thank you Bogdan & Joe for sharing your heart and thoughts with us. Thank you friends for your feedback, its always nice to hear from you. Keep them coming, our growth as a newsletter depends on it so you see you can make a difference !
This month we have added 'INSIGHT'  and I hope you will find it inspiring too. Here we will be featuring every month one of Adland's  inspiring writers & personalities. We feature our good friend NEIL SPERLING, Neil needs no introduction he has been sharing much with us from time to time and we welcome him as our FIRST Guest writer in the series of INSIGHT !!  Many members not so active in the community but concentrating on serious business only, will find that this will be a nice place to get to know another leading member who not only is active but is also a serious marketer. Its fun to step out in the community and mingle, find your own niche and enjoy some lasting friendships in the process J
I see our Goodwill Ambassador has his inspiration back to write again for us at length,  Welcome back John so good to have you back in action again here in the community!! And Joe your write never fails to produce smiles if not  LOL's !!!  Thank you for adding your something special here, I know many along with me look forward to what you have to say next! Now don't we friends??? ;-) Psssst…..don't say it here, email me and tell me what you think  OK?
Valentine hugz to all you special people out there, know that you are appreciated for being part of this awesome community called ADLANDPRO.
Stay loved & stay strong
See you in March,

Pauline Raina
To Inspire and Reward

Bogdan Fideur
Bogdan Fiedur
CEO Adlandpro

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Quote of the Day

How to start your own business?

"I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been"

-Wayne Gretzky

In this article, you will learn how to start your own business.
To make it easier for you, I’ll break down the process into five steps.  They are as follows:

  1. Find a group of people to become your targeted audience.  
  2. Get to know your targeted audience by asking them what they need.
  3. Develop solutions that they need.   
  4. Develop and implement an effective sales process.
  5. Create and administer support and a customer friendly follow up system that encourages clients to purchase additional products.
As you have noticed, creating the product is not first on the list. It is number three. This is because you need to discover a target audience and develop solutions that they want before you actually create the product. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know this. They start their enterprises by creating a product first. This is problematic because by the time they develop the final product, they have no money, no way to promote their product and they struggle for years to find anyone that wants it. They then quit because they can’t make a living.

So, now that you have an idea of why you should implement the 5 step process, let’s discuss each step.

Find a group of people that will become your targeted audience.

Although this task sounds very difficult, it actually isn’t. You can actually use two approaches to this problem. They are as follows:

  1. Use somebody else’s access to the easily targetable market.
  2. Create your own target
The first approach is very quick but can be costly. The second is not.  

Which way is the right way to go?

My suggestion is that you utilize both approaches if you have the financial means to do so. If you don’t, it may be more advantageous to go the second route if you’re working on a shoe-string budget.

For those that have the finances to utilize the first approach, you should seek out mailing list brokers that can provide you with suitable contacts for business ideas that you have in mind. In essence, these brokers already have the information you seek. They know who is within your target groups and for a fee; you can have access to them. 

Some questions to help you determine your target market are:

  • What sports or games do they play?
  • What radio station do they listen to?
  • What associations and organizations are they members of?
  • What newspapers, magazines, and books do they read?
  • Which church they attend?
  • What is their native language and customs?
  • What TV programs do they watch?
Once you obtain answers to the above questions, you can directly approach radio, magazine and publication advertisers.

To help make it easier for you, here are some links to some email brokers:

You can also access large groups of targeted customers using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. The 3 biggest ones are provided by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. PPC advertising is topic on its own and in order to utilize it, you will have to study it in depth. The difference in understanding it properly can mean losing thousands of dollars and have no any results or spending pennies and getting paying customers.

Side note
I will be explaining building of your own list and defining the market in feature articles to show you how to do that if you have no money to pay for lists or PPC.

The next step is to develop a solution that your targeted market is looking for. If you’re no product designer, you simply have to find someone who has the solution already and then buy it inexpensively from them.

Once you’ve done this, you must develop and implement an effective sales process to deliver your product to your targeted audience.  The important thing to remember is that your reputation is on the line so you must always deliver it in a timely manner. You must also ensure that you make it convenient for your targeted audience to purchase your item. Therefore, you should accept checks and credit cards. PayPal is a third party processor that comes highly recommended..

Once the process is under way, you can provide your solutions to many groups of people. This will help you build your list even further. The best way to accomplish this is to provide your loyal customers with free resources that might further assist them. You can also convert your customers into affiliates who will be willing to resell your products for commissions.

We’ll cover this in more detail later.

Lastly, you’ll need to create and administer support and a customer friendly follow up system that encourages clients to purchase additional products.

You can implement this when you satisfy the initial needs of your target group. In fact, you’ll likely find that add-on product ideas simply flow to you. By consistently following up and offering discounts and bonuses, you’ll introduce your customers to newer solutions and improve your profit margin. The only thing you must remember is that any new solutions must meet your targeted audience diverse needs.

Talk to you in next issue of BFA newsletter.

Bogdan Fiedur

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John Leal
  John Leal
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by Sara Blow

Pauline Raina
Pauline Raina

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Ambassador John Sanchez
John R. Sanchez

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(A happy, healthy, and successful life in your personal world and in your community)

About a year ago I left the community for some rest and to pursue other ventures. In that time I read some interesting and enlightening books. The ones I particularly enjoyed the most were the ones on Philosophy, Psychology, and Religions. From those books I learned some knew things and confirmed some things I already knew.

Before I left the community I came up with a thought that I used in my signature of most of my posts that I made throughout the community. That thought or idea (which also happens to be my motto as well) is:

“Out of the abundance of your mind come the manifestations in your life” 

What does that mean? Hmmm! How about we come back to that after I tell you what conclusion I’ve come to in what it takes to live a happy, healthy, and successful life…

Before I left the community I did a forum on the Golden Rule which is, “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you”. In that forum I showed how that rule can be found in almost every Religion that exist, it is just worded a little different in each religion but basically the same principle is taught. Striving to live by this principle alone would ensure not only a better life, but a more healthy and happy life. The type of relationships we have with our family, co-workers, and members of a community will in part determine the quality of the life we live. Living the ‘Good Life’ is not first and foremost about acquiring power, materials things, or a particular status; it’s not about living a life in self-indulgent excess.  Stepping on everyone along the way to attain these things will lead to a life of strife, stress, and a long list of enemies. Yes we should have goals and strive to reach those goals but not at the expense of others and not at the price of spending less time with our loved ones whether it be family or friends. You don’t even have to be religious to live a half decent life, even the greatest philosophers teach their version of the Golden Rule, and even your average psychologist will explain to you that your mental health will benefit greatly from healthy relationships.

Now what did I mean by, “Out of the abundance of your mind come the manifestations in your life”? Well basically, what you harbor in your mind will manifest in your every day life. If your thoughts are always of hate, resentment, envy, etc., then in life you will be surrounded with those things. Hate produces hate, ‘what goes around comes around’. Your less likely to be truly successful (success that counts or is worthwhile) with a negative attitude or negative personality. A positive attitude and healthy thoughts will lead to more a fulfilling and rewarding life.

This reminds me of another quote of mine, “If you believe in yourself then others will begin to believe in you and it is then that doors will begin to open for you!”, this is a healthy thought and just a small example of what you should have an abundance of in your mind. With that I leave you and bid you a good day!

Love and blessings,

John Sanchez
Adlandpro's Goodwill Ambassador

Messenger of Hope
February 2009
Donna Zuehl
Donna Zuehl
Fibromyalgia Support
Discussion of fibromyalgia syndrome. Symptoms, possible causes, treatments, lifestyle changes, emotional support, medications, resources, and anything else related to fibromyalgia.
Visit Donna's Forum Here

We will have a monthly guest writer from Adland sharing their thoughts and insights with us.
Neil Sperling

Neil Sperling

Neil is an experienced coach, mentor trainer. His background also includes sales and marketing. He is currently self employed building his team of leaders within

Delayed Gratification

In today’s fast paced world there is a need for mankind to once again pay attention to a principle of success that is often overlooked and misunderstood. We want everything yesterday rather than today or tomorrow. We have slipped into the mind set of wanting things before we save for them. This over all mindset has created a huge burden on society. We are buying things on credit without thought. We look for immediate success from our business efforts, and if something does not work immediately we jump from one program to another, never getting the results possible from consistent effort.

The solution to this global mess, is much simpler than you may think. We need to once again plug into the principle of delayed gratification. Much like growing a garden. First the garden plot must be chosen so the right amount of sunlight will shine on the plants. The soil has to be prepared for planting, the seeds carefully planted in the manner required for the type of seed. The proper amount of water must be given along with some basic fertilizer to feed the tiny seeds as they germinate and grow into healthy plants. Weeds must be kept under control and then we wait. Every crop takes time before we can harvest. Some plants grow quickly and we can harvest in just a few weeks or months where others, such as the Teak Tree, take 75 years or more before they can harvested.

Growing relationships for love or for business, gaining personal knowledge and skills as well as building your business venture, all follow the same principle. We have to take into account all the same steps as planting a garden.

For the purpose of the rest of this article lets look at just your business.

First we need to choose our garden plot. Your garden plot will be where you will place your marketing efforts to develop your business. Some of your plot will be on line communities and some may also have off line areas to market to build your business.

As with planting a garden, one has to be careful not to have too many garden plots to manage. If you spread your activities to too many places, the weeds will crowd out your activities. There simply is only so many hours in a day and when the weeds start growing and you have no time, your business wont grow but the weeds will.

Second we need to prepare the soil. Develop both long term and short term action steps that will start your business growth.

Third we now kick in advertising and marketing actions. Pay close attention to the results and gradually change your marketing strategies when needed. Learn better ad writing skills. Learn to use more technology where and when it fits your business and your overall plan. This is the fertilization to your garden.

Fourth we need to stop spending time where results are not bringing you business growth. This may be hard, as it is so easy to play and do the things we enjoy doing. However if those actions do not add to your business growth they are wasting time and weeds are sure to choke out your business growth. This is the time to pull weed.

Fifth - Water and fertilize as needed. Advertise, promote and explore new business generating tools. Be careful though, you do not want to spread yourself to thin and have too many activities on your plate. If you get so busy doing, the weeds and harmful insects will ruin your harvest, even though your garden may be growing nicely. Care and attention needs to ALWAYS be part of the process right up through harvest.

Sixth - Wait. Watch. Monitor. This is a time to slow down and manage a little. Tighten up your advertising costs, both in time and money. Train staff and associates, hire more when needed. Just remember, top heavy management always makes for less effective actions but too little management will result in crop failure.

Seventh - Begin the harvest process. Believe it or not, here danger is lurking. Some times we have such a huge return from our business that we think we hit the jack pot and we spend our harvested returns without putting away for next years bad weather or crop failures. Also, as we harvest, we need to realize that harvest is the time to begin preparing the soil for next years crop. The world is in a constant state of change, and thus the type of crop we harvested and profited from this year may not be marketable next year. Plus if we ruin the garden plot during harvest, next year will be a total flop.

All this takes time and effort. We must pay attention to the fact that gratification for a bountiful harvest takes time. There is always a delay between the idea, and actually living the dream. It is impossible to achieve instant gratification as is clearly seen from the seven steps above. We need to get back to the roots of life and practice the art of delayed gratification. No more spending before we save, no more program hopping and stop the freebie mentality. The attitude of "I want it all now for nothing" has to stop.

Delayed gratification is the way life is!

Love Light and Laughter

Neil Sperling

February 2009
Roger Macdivitt
Roger Macdivitt
Roger's Poetry Forum
February 2009
Patricia B.
Patricia B.
Patricia's JP Forum

Joe Downing
Joe Downing
Lead Design and Content Manager
"From Your Valentine,"

Have you ever heard the story about how Valentine's Day began?  I just adore the story.  Since it is February, I'll share a condensed version of it with you. 

One of the more popular legends claims that St. Valentine was a Catholic bishop during the reign of Claudius II in Rome.  Claudius was in a big push to expand the Roman empire which required many soldiers.  Because of Claudius's belief that non-married men made better soldiers than married men with families, he forbade men in his empire to marry.   Valentine did not agree with this law and secretly performed marriages for young couples who came to see him.  Eventually Claudius found out and threw Valentine into prison.

While in prison, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's blind daughter.  The legend goes on to claim that because of his faith and the love for the girl, she was miraculously cured of her blindness.  On February 14th, 269 A.D., Valentine was beheaded at the order of Claudius II, but had left a farewell note to the  jailer's daughter signed,  "From Your Valentine,".   

This may sound a bit weird to you, but every time I read this story I have to wonder what the rest of the farewell note said.  (I was just informed that it must have contained heartfelt words of love... of which I know nothing about.  LOL!!!  And I retorted back that it probably had nothing to do with flowers and chocolate either. Ah... Valentine's Day today!  :)

All I know is Valentine's Day is about showing those special people how much they mean to you.  Yes, even giving chocolate and flowers is a way to make some feel special, but they aren't the only way.  I can think of many ways!  But for the sake of our community, can you think of a way to make someone feel special?  We have several forums that feature individuals that require nominations and/or votes.  I can tell you that each time I have been nominated for anything, I always feel special.  So, let's all watch for a forum that really makes a difference and remember to nominate it for the next Best Forum Award.  Right on?  Good!

And to just make it interesting, let's see how many of you will sign off in the nominations... "From your Valentine,"   

Valentine hugs,

Joe Downing

"There are only two options regarding commitment.
You're either in or out.
There's no such thing as a life in-between."
-- Pat Riley

More quotes like this one can be found in Bogdan's Quote of the Day forum.

Luis Miguel Goitizolo
Dear Pauline,
     I have just read the Jan. BFA Newsletter and the only thing I can say to you is it is good-good- good; in my opinion, the best it could possibly be, both in contents and presentation. And I absolutely love the colors. Congratulations to you & Joe !
     I also went to the page and voted.

Best Wishes,
Luis Miguel Goitizolo
Joyce Parker-Hyde
Hi girlfriend Pauline!
     Sweetie yes I do get this newsletter and I love the new look, it is so professional and shows the growth and the hard work that has gone into it. Keep up the good work, kudos to you Joe n team !

Luv ya!
Kim Stilwell
Hey Pauline,  
     I did think this January Edition more inviting than the rest...the added background for initial "From the Editor" much more eye catching/appealing.....and ...  "Center Stage" was very nice addition...added info and visual interest.... always interesting to see different people and hear from or about them.  The information Joe provides does keep interest... yes I thought so...a person "will" follow through reading his comments... they kept my attention.
     This was an interesting addition.  I hear you are working on new format, and yes, while it's pretty good now, more interesting layout and color might be nice.  But still...a nice paper now.  Bogdan's section is a Big Highlight!  Very good information that offers help to the reader!  It keeps my attention very well and inspires. Your comments also of interest as people like to hear bits and pieces of what's going on! All people don't know what's going on or the rules of the games.
      It's marvelous that there is monetary reward for provides incentive...very nice.....I wonder if all people know?  While other people's faces and comments are of interest...what catches my attention and keeps it most is the educational words like from Bogdan, Joe, Sanchez, and Pauline....just a personal opinion....these pieces "offer me" something substantial that can be useful to me and these parts make this letter worthwhile and looked forward to. Keep up the good work.

Alain Deguire
Hi Pauline,
     I received the Newsletter...
     It is full of great things that I love... but, I was particularly touched in this one by the article from Bogdan about Passion.
     Thanks for your great contribution,

With Friendship,
Judy Smith
The January BFA Newsletter is without a doubt the best one yet. They are all outstanding, they just get better and better - THANK YOU BFA team!

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