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Volume 1 - 5th Edition, December 2008

Pauline Raina


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Pauline's Pot Pourrie!

Hello friends,


Here's wishing you and all your loved ones a very happy festive season, may you make many sweet memories in the process of celebration. I am excited about the New Year ahead, have great expectations of it, several goals to achieve & changes to make. Resolutions don't work for me LOL, however if it does for you, good luck with that ! From the past year I have learned much by challenging myself. So go ahead and challenge yourself, that's the best way to effect growth, using every negative situation not as a stumbling block but as a stepping stone. One's strength of character is discovered through this process, and is born out of the obstacles one has overcome. The world can stop you only temporarily, remember the only one who can stop you permanently is yourself!! So spread your wings and soar, I wish you all of life's best now and always. Enjoy this edition of our Newsletter, and don't forget to drop me a line, its always a pleasure hearing from you.


See you all next year ;-)


Have fun till then,

Pauline Raina

To Inspire and Reward

Bogdan Fiedur

Bogdan Fiedur
CEO Adlandpro

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Quote of the Day

"The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
– General Norman Schwarzkopf, US Army General

Automate Your Responses


Whenever potential customers visit your site and subscribe to your newsletter, mailing list or just leave you their email address, you can use auto responders. An auto responder is a program which can automatically send pre-written message to whoever requests it. You can even set up subscriptions to your newsletter in such a way that as soon as your visitor provides you with their email address, an auto responder will immediately send them specific message appropriately to the situation. For example, your subscribers joined your free newsletter. You can configure your auto responders in such a way that your subscriber will be automatically sent a thank you message for joining your list and perhaps a recent issue of your newsletter. Another example would be when someone makes a purchase; you can then immediately send them a message, congratulating them on their recent product and give them a list of commonly asked product questions and answers. 

As you can see, auto responders are a great way to follow up with your prospects and build long term strategic relationships. Just make sure that you personalize your messages in such a way so that your clients receive dynamic and insightful information.

For example, you could start your auto responder message like this.

Hello [First Name]
Thank you for purchasing of our [Product Name].

The above opening and closing square brackets indicate to the autoresponder program where is the beginning and end of the content autoresponder system should replace with dynamic values.

[First Name] will be replaced with actual name obtained either from incoming email or database and [Product Name] can be provided thorough the steps of purchasing process as you know what your customer was ordering.  So each recipient will receive message with their name information about the product they purchased.

Sending this kind of messages to your visitors and customers will give them feel like they received message from a real person. I quite often get replies from such messages with additional questions or feedback.

Bogdan Fiedur

BFA Award Best Forum Award
December 2008

Carla Casey
Carla Carey
Congratulatory Forum Here


Hello all my Adlandpro friends,

We would like to welcome you to our friendly community of networking business people.   Here are some suggestions for making your visit here comfortable and profitable.


1) The forum author is the forum owner. If you do not post to the subject they may choose to delete your post. If they do not approve of your post they have the option of removing your post.

A kind thing to do, as, forum owner, is to explain why the post was removed when the information is filled out in the post removal inquiry.

2) The forum message contains information, discussion, questions, stories, etc. The signature line appears under the line with ads the poster wishes to display.

3) To post your ads in the message body look for forums which are asking specifically for such information. There are forums designed for that purpose.

You can also post in "offers" page here at Adlandpro

4. Do not go to a forum for the specific purpose of upsetting, arguing, or disrupting the conversation.

5. Changing titles of forums to promote you and draw attention to your post are not acceptable.

6. Make appropriate responses in forums. Sparkly posts should be reserved for celebrations.

7) As a poster, you are like a house guest. If the forum owner requests certain behavior, it would be wise to comply.

8) If you post to a forum, you are a member of the forum. It would be nice to contribute something that speaks to the subject as this is your chance to add value to the forum. To post without reading the content for the sole purpose of posting your ads is a waste of your time. To request further posts be known to you shows you have genuine interest in the forum. So, click on the "notify me when someone answers the post" button.

9) The new poster and frequent poster deserve the same response as the high volume poster. They may not post often but their opinion can be valuable. The new poster needs to hear encouragement. This will build their confidence. After all you were new once too.

10) The forum owner who answers each post will find that they build relationships. Answering questions posted shows you care enough to check back on your forum.

11) Be positive - be polite - be accurate - check facts - don't dictate - agree to let people disagree - enjoy the versatility of the posts - make forums fun and interesting - put forums in the proper category .
Remember that all Adlandpro members are not English, first language persons. Admire the fact that they give it their best.

12) Be aware that there are many cultures and traditions represented in our membership. To wish someone a happy birthday may be offensive. To send someone in Norway a greeting for Memorial Day has no meaning. However, to send someone in America a greeting for a happy (your country) freedom day may not apply. Not all are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. Holidays like Valentines Day, Mother's Day etc. are not universal holidays. Tolerance and understanding are needed when building friendships with people of different cultures.

13) A new Adlandpro member will find little response to a forum if you have 100 or less members. Don't be disheartened. Just keep making good posts and it will increase your friends list.

Mary Hofstetter
Find more of Mary's awesome tips at:  Shared Ideas Equal Shared Success forum.

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Foto Fun! Photography With A Twist! Also Home Of The Other POTW contest...!
This forum is for posting photos. The twist is that I will be posting mine with humorous titles, Scripture or Poems. This is also the home of the other POTW contest; the Photo of the Week contest!
Forum Owner:  POTW Award

Desert View by Ken Wolff
Desert View
by Ken Wolff
51st PhOTW
Sunset at Saxe Point Park by Carol B.
Sunset at Saxe Point Park
by Carol B.
52nd PhOTW
Sunset on Bankok Beach by Pauline Raina
Sunset on Bankok Beach
By Pauline Raina
53rd PhOTW
Pretty Farm House Sill by Sarah Pritchard
Pretty Farm House Sill
by Sarah Pritchard
54th PhOTW

This forum gathers through photographer's self nominations some of the finest photos from around the world.  There are many runner's up photos to view .  Please visit the forums to vote for your favorite or to visit the archives at:  CLICK HERE

Nominate your favorite photo here:  PhOTW Nomination Forum

Business Coach Award
December 2008
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips
Friends Helping Friends
Friends Helping Friends In Business, Networking, And Life
Visit Robert's Forum Here

Joe Downing
Joe Downing
Lead Design and Content Manager

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To Your Health
Maximizing the Return...

I wouldn't dare write about economical returns!  So, don't scan over and pass this one by.  I just wanted to touch upon forum returns.  Have you ever left a post to congratulate someone or to make a comment in a forum?  Good!  We should all be doing this as regular as we can.  It's like a penny saved is a penny earned.  Oooo! Now, have you ever returned to see what that host wrote back to you about?  NO!  OMG!!!  You probably missed a nugget of gold!  That's like throwing your dividends in the trash without the opportunity to re-invest!  Ooops!  Sounding too much like an economical article, but I'm sure you see what I mean.  Right?

Some hosts will put a lot of thought and care in responding to their guest's posts.  I always find that they have gone out of their way to fill the thread with warmth, smiles, hugs, nice graphics and more.  Some even make me want to dance for joy!  I see this as a great way to build self esteems and friendships.  Some of my best friends here at Adland were made accidentally by responding to a response of a friend's response to a response to their friend's friend's response.  Sure, its okay to be silly sometimes.  LOL!!  That is the beauty of Adland's forums.

Remember, just as in economics, you can get good returns or bad returns.  When I receive a bad return, I invest a smile back with the hopes of it turning into a good return.  Doesn't always happen, but you don't have to keep investing into those.  That would be like continuously making bad investments and will drain your happy account real fast!  Just focus on your good investments and keep the interest flowing.  I didn't mean to do it again!  I can't help it!  Economics!  Ooo!  Well, now that I think about it, investing into these forums is like investing in the economy.  What you put into it wisely will determine what is returned to you.  Invest wisely!

Wishing you all the very best hugs,

Joe Downing

"You must master your time rather than becoming a slave to the constant flow of events and demands on your time. And you must organize your life to achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace."

~~ Brian Tracy

More quotes like this one can be found in Bogdan's Quote of the Day forum.

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Unofficial Adland Bulletin Board
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John Sanchez says......
A Very Merry Christmas to all, enjoy this season and your holidays as I will be doing the same !

Alain says....
Happy Holiday Season!  My wish for us all is to be able to feel, to connect with our Divine Self and even to perceive this Magnificent Flame within the people surrounding us!

My Dear Adland Pro Family,

Welcome new members!  This is a wonderful place to be.  Get to know lots of people and invite me to be your friend.  A
Merry Christmas to
you and your family I wish you all many blessings &happy holidays!

Season's greetings all my Adland  friends enjoy this time of the year and be blessed always !

* * * * * * * * * * *
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