Adlandpro's Best Forum Newsletter
Volume 1 - 4th Edition, November 2008

Pauline Raina


Greetings friends,

Welcome to another edition of the BFA Newsletter. As you can see we have changed the format a bit, and added a new column 'Center Stage' here we will be featuring some of our very famous forums and their owners. We begin with our POTW team telling you all about the POTW, this  forum definitely a great place to get started with and make friends  quickly. Take time to go in and look around at the archives and the winners.

We did have some letters requesting us to change the format, and we are working on it hopefully we should be able to effect that change some time soon, please bear with us till then in the mean time keep those letters coming.

Till next time,

Keep smiling & stay blessed,

Pauline Raina

To Inspire and Reward

Bogdan Fiedur

Bogdan Fiedur
CEO Adlandpro

Build relationship with your customers


Teach your staff to offer alternatives


If you find that your customers are inquiring about products your business doesn’t offer teach your staff to offer alternatives. If you find that they consistently make the same requests, arrange referral commissions with the provider of the solution and get paid for it. Not only will your customer and the seller benefit but, so will you!

Ask questions


Always offer surveys to your customers to find out what else they are looking for. You can tailor your solutions to better suit those needs or find out someone who has solutions to their problems already. Again, make sure that you’re paid commissions for any repeat referrals.


Provide Reasons


Whenever you offer discounts or time based promotions, provide reason why you are offering them. Your customers will be more likely to jump on the opportunity if they understand the reasons.


Position yourself as an expert


<>Provide industry information which is important for your customers. Educate yourself in those areas and publish it in your newsletters.

Describe the process in which you create your solution


By demonstrating how carefully you build your solution, you will convince them that your product is the best in the industry. For example, let’s say that you own a company that produces knives. Well, you might market that your knives are made from stainless material and offer customers life time guarantee. Unlike other companies, you provide valuable information to consumers.


Respond to inquiries in the timely manner


Large companies are known for ignoring customer inquiries to the point of never replying or addressing their unique and personalized needs. Instead, they use bully tactics. If you don’t use them where are you going to go?  Well, you can instead use friendship tactics. You can respond to them within 24 to 48 hours (preferably 24 hours or less). Typically after this treatment, they will be more loyal to you and will prefer you over your competition that utilizes bully tactics.


Provide help links on your site


If your site has much technical jargon provides help links on your site. These links can lead to pop-up windows or tool tips which appear when your customer moves the mouse over. To see examples, access this page and move your mouse over black-yellow icon which says “Info”


Use demos


Another option is to provide customers with custom solutions or software tools. You can also use  screen capture and narration and this can be obtained by visiting

Bogdan Fiedur

BFA Award Best Forum Award
November 2008

John Partington
John Partington
Congratulatory Forum Here

Ambassador John R. Sanchez

John R. Sanchez
BFA May 2007
Feature of the Week
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BFA July 2007
Foto Fun!
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Winning the BFA

Greetings to all at AdlandPro!

Today I would like to share with you all about what it means to win the BFA. What is the BFA you might be asking if you're new to the community. The BFA stands for Best Forum Award and it's an award that is given every month courtesy of Bogdan Fiedur who is the CEO of AdlandPro. It is not only recognition for a job well done but also a cash prize of $200. The winners are chosen by a committee of our peers from the community, so it is especially rewarding to know that your peers are enjoying the hard work that you have put into creating and maintaining an interesting forum. As a two time winner of the award I can attest to the joy that comes from winning this prestigious award.

Bogdan, Pauline, and I as well as our past winners would like to see more of you striving to win this award. We want to promote greater community involvement to make AdlandPro an even more interesting and fun place to return  to. Hopefully, this will also lead to a  financially rewarding environment for all of us who  came here in first place to do
business. The more interesting the site is, the more people it will attract. A forum that is creative and interesting can be a great tool for advertising your business. With each post you make you will be advertising your business with the link that is provided in the signature box.

When I first arrived at AdlandPro I was just interested in doing business and I saw the great potential and benefit that could come from creating an attractive forum. But that was not all I discovered a forum was good for. I also learned that it was a great way to be heard on things you felt passionately about. To me it became a means to make a difference in the world, whether it was by enlightening others with wisdom that had been passed on to me or by just being there for others as a friend and support. With the 'Person of the Week' forum, also known as the 'Feature of the Week', I was able to bless many with the recognition they deserved for their community involvement.  Till this day it is still a great success, but now through the efforts of my friends Peter, Jim, and Ana Maria who took over the forum when I left for my Sabbatical. Some day I hope to be able to return on a full time basis to create new and exciting forums. There's a great satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have been able to motivate and inspire others to bigger and greater things. Well folks, thank you for hearing me out. I hope all of you have a pleasant and rewarding experience here at AdlandPro!

Love and blessings from your Goodwill Ambassador,

John R. Sanchez 

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*********** CENTER STAGE *************


Feature Of The Week (Person Of The Week)!

Once a week we will feature an active member of AdlandPro who has a positive influence on our community.
Forum Owner:  POTW Award

Hello Friends,

We want to thank Pauline and Joe for the opportunity of being the first to be featured on ‘Center Stage’ of the BFA Newsletter.

If you are a new member around Adland, We are sure you have wondered what’s the little black trophy and the letters POTW under some members profile picture. Well the POTW stands for PERSON OF THE WEEK – this requires that the proposed candidate meet the criteria for the poll. The criteria is based on the
original reason for the award to honor those members that are active, visible and participate in the different activities within the community.  There are additional criteria and they can be seen in the POTW nominations forum.

There is a new perk added to being a POTW winner. In the past the winner received free advertising credits and his profile picture was displayed on the home page and entry page into the community. For the past few weeks since the new format was introduced THE WINNER IS FEATURED ON EVERY PAGE IN ADLANDPRO!!!!! THIS IS AN AMAZING BONUS FOR THE WINNER IT'S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SEE HIM/HER AND IS A VALUABLE "COMMODITY" FOR THE WINNER SINCE HE/SHE WILL BE RECOGNIZED BY EVERY MEMBER.

That said in order to maintain the forums there have to be nominations and we urge all of our friends and supporters to nominate their friends. Winning the POTW is the highlight of advertising in ADLAND you get to be in the spotlight for a week.

We the POTW Team welcome you to come join in the fun and celebration of friendship and community spirit. Looking forward to meeting many of you at the POTW forum.

Warm regards & Shalom !

Peter, AnaMaria & Jim

Teacher's Award
November 2008
Mary Hofstetter
Mary Hofstetter
We Never Stop Learning
From before birth to the day we die, we are always learning something. This is what gives quality to our lives---the joy of learning something new.

Visit Mary's Forum Here

Joe Downing
Joe Downing
Lead Design and Content Manager

A month never passes without someone emailing us or making a comment with questions like "how do I vote" or "I can't seem to find the vote button".  It is understood that in the web based world, sometimes things just don't work correctly in all browsers on all machines for all users.  For those of you that never have these kinds of problems, consider yourselves very fortunate.  It can really be frustrating. 

"You have to login in order to vote."

The most common reason someone cannot vote is because they are not logged in to Adland.  You'll know because at the bottom of the poll, you'll see the words "You have to login in order to vote."  I know you know how to do that or you probably wouldn't be reading this newsletter. 

"View Results" or "Vote"

Someone is saying right now, "I know I'm logged in and I still cannot vote Joe!!!!".  Okay... we aren't finished.  When  you are looking right at the poll and you don't  see a VOTE button, then take a close look at the  shaded bar

 under the poll.  Do you see the word "Vote"?  Click on it!  It will change to "View Results".  Now you should see the VOTE button.  Before you click on the VOTE button, make your choice for the poll and then click it.

If  these suggestions still do not allow you to vote, then you might want to follow these troubleshooting steps that seem to help me solve many computer related problems:
  • Log off
  • Close your browser
  • Reboot your computer
  • Get a fresh drink while it is rebooting
  • Look out the front window to see who is there
  • Open up refrigerator to view undesired food
  • Turn the TV on and flip through all the channels
  • Turn the TV off and sigh
  • Go back to your computer and sit in chair
  • Log in to your computer
  • Open your email and delete the four spam
  • DON'T forward anything, it might be bad luck
  • Log in to Adland
  • Go to BFA forum
  • Send a comment to the BFA Team (good karma)
Hopefully, everything will have righted itself and you should be able to vote now with a smile on your face.  Keep voting and we'll keep the polls coming.

Until next time, hug someone with a vote!

Joe Downing

"The future belongs to those who see possibilities
before they become obvious. "

-- John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple

More quotes like this one can be found in Bogdan's Quote of the Day forum.

* * * * * * * * * * *
I am writing in response to several suggestions  to our format.  We are currently going through some format changes, but simply do not want to change too much at one time.  All suggestions will be considered by the BFA Team so please send any suggestions or comments to us.


Joe Downing
* * * * * * * * * * *
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