Adlandpro's Best Forum Newsletter
Volume 1 - 3rd Edition, October 2008

Pauline Raina


Dear Adland friends,

How does life find you all today? I pray all is well, and you are blessed.

For once I don't feel like talking about forums here, I am going to leave that to the rest of my team to do. However I would just like to share some thoughts with you.

The month of October ushers in the season of celebrations and Thanksgiving.

We all have a lot to be grateful for, to those who are still awaiting good things to happen, do not give up, stay strong and persevere, you too shall soon celebrate your miracle.

Every morning I grab my cup of tea and go up to my terrace to enjoy the fresh morning air, and contemplate the day before. But this morning as I gazed down from the 4th storey of my terrace and looked at the bustling traffic 
growing busier by the minute...I wondered what are we racing towards? And this made me think of where I was heading and where I wanted to be, but most of all who I was ....and who I wanted to be!

Thanksgiving is a time of retrospect, a time to look around and take note of all that one can be grateful for, to me thanksgiving is everyday, and every day a celebration. No wonder someone said, the other word for 'today' is  'present' is a gift if you wake up to another day,  So celebrate life itself my friends, in which ever way you like, let those around you know how much you care and appreciate them. If you believe there is a God look up to him and say 'THANK YOU LORD'.. if you don't... just be happy & celebrate the fact that it is in your power to bring  joy to some ones life and enrich your own!

Let me sign off on this note,


Till next time,

Pauline Raina

To Inspire and Reward

Bogdan Fiedur

Bogdan Fiedur

Build relationship with your customers

As previously indicated, utilizing computers and the Internet will allow you to make frequent contact with your customers for a fraction of price it would if you owned a brick and mortar company. By staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis, they'll remember to come to you when they need products like yours.

However, you must remember not to annoy your clients. By constantly reminding them about your product, they will come to loathe your messages. But by offering them benefits like discounts, thank you letters for past purchases, etc, you will stay on their mind. For example, if your company celebrates your business' anniversary, you can send a letter announcing this anniversary and offering a discounted sale of your popular products. Another option is that you can send your customers a birthday card on their birthday with a special coupon off your products or services.


Another way to provide post-purchase assurance is to offer a long term guarantee.  Statistics show that the longer the guarantee the less returns you will receive.


Educating your customers 

Always make sure that you educate your customer about your products and services. Provide them with detailed information on how to set it up, troubleshoot problems, etc. By doing this, they'll be not only thankful that you provided them with valuable information but will utilize your products in the future.


When I first started my business, I heard that the best marketing concept was to build the list and regularly publish a newsletter. I started a mailing discussion list where one subscriber would ask

questions and another would give the answer. I published it twice a week. Whenever I knew the answer to the question, I would answer it and provide a link to the solution. This method really impressed my subscribers because they felt that they were receiving personalized attention. For additional information on how this was implemented, please visit


Offer preferential pricing 
Another way to enhance relationships is to make your best offer, your first offer. Once your existing customers have purchased, you can then offer the product to the public at an expanded price.


Be honest 

Whenever there is a problem with your system or product, admit it.  Tell the client why you're lowering the price and give them compensation if they decide that they would like it instead of a replacement item. Give disgruntled customers the benefit of the doubt. Offer them free products or services to repay them for their time and effort.

Be personal 

Approach your customers personally and sign any correspondence with your name. Don't use something like "Customer Support" when replying to their concerns. Use your actual name and mention your position within the company. When they order, send follow-up message immediately that personally congratulate them on their recent purchase and open the door for them to voice any concerns at a later date.  


Listen to your customers 

If asked, your customers will give you honest feedback and suggestion. Of course they'll be complaints but take the time to learn from all your customers. Provide customers with frequently asked questions and answers by making this information available on your site.

Bogdan Fiedur

BFA Award Best Forum Award
October 2008
Gerri Decher
Gerri Decher
Congratulatory Forum Here

Ambassador John Sanchez

John R. Sancehz
Hello everyone,

Another month has passed so quickly, it's amazing how time flies.

Today I just want to share with you all the pleasure I experienced when I visited some of my favorite forums, I had quite a few of them I would visit regularly, some I would love to visit more often but was constrained for time, because of my busy schedule.

Sam Sunday's Article of Virtue is definitely the first on my list, I am not surprised it won the BEST FORUM AWARD 2007!  one can see even today the pleasure it brings the featured person as well the visitors there. Another of my favorite forums was Paulines forums, it would always be a joy to be part of that, especially her 'Poetry Page' 2, very 
inspirational and  one could surely find lots of love and community spirit promoted there,  I would find that so refreshing, being the Goodwill Ambassador, I always looked for forums that promoted community spirit and harmony and these two forums  among many, did exactly that.

Friends there are numerous good forums one could visit and get enlightened, entertained and inspired.  I would strongly recommend you to take time relax and browse through and enjoy! Adland is a special place filled with special people, and occupies a special place in my heart. 'Just mingle' as I would always tell my guests to my forum, make friends, enjoy the fun n fellowship that comes with it, once you start believe me you will not want to stop. It took me two and a half years to get myself to take a break, beware friends Adland is addictive LOL!

On this note, take care and happy forum hopping !


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Voting ends October 26, 2008

Jill Bachman

Jill Bachman
BFA April 2007
Attitude is Everything
Visit Forum Here

Thank you Pauline and all on the BFA team for this special opportunity to share in our Adland Newsletter.  I so commend you all for your hard work and dedication in making the Best Forum Awards possible.
I will never forget the day I was notified that my Attitude is Everything forum had won the first BFA forum award.  I was in complete shock, and I was totally speechless with disbelief.
My best advice to Adlanders, is to "join in community spirit" through forums.   Join lots of forums and post when you feel comfortable.  This is a wonderful way to meet like minded people and develop unlimited friendships.  You will learn your comfort level and likes and dislikes before you develop your own forum.

The key to starting a forum is to be comfortable with your subject matter and pick something that brings "value" to people's lives.   Strive to build relationships with like-minded people.  Make friends, not sales.  Choose something that you have a passion about.  It could be hiking, gardening, knitting, cooking, history, animals, children, internet, education, inspiration, etc. etc.  Just
make it a reflection of who you are, and you will begin making friends galore.  Remember........ "Make friends, NOT sales."

My Attitude is Everything forum was born out of my love for sharing inspiration.   Subsequently, my thread "Journey to a Mountain of Love" was born from my true fascination with the sacred and inspirational Mt. Shasta, California and my curiosity to learn and teach more about the Shift of the Ages - 2012.  My fascination led me to read everything I could get my hands on, historically, spiritually and particularly about the many legends and lore.  My heart and my mind became so big, I had an unstoppable passion to share it.  It was never planned this just happened.
In 1990, I was inspired to write a mission statement.   "Unite the Hearts of the World through Wisdom and Knowledge."  When this message came to me, I had no idea how I would accomplish this deed..  
I never remotely suspected it would be through an Adlandpro forum.  Well, what more can I say?  Never say never!  :-)
I just want to ackowledge ALL of my Adland friends and our many forum participants, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart.  You make all forums and our special community spirit the best ever!
Blessings to all, 


The Lady of Smiles
October 2008
Marion Tucker
Marion Tucker
Something To Make You Smile
Laughter and Inspiration For All My Adland Pro Family. Hope this puts a big :-) on your face and perhaps you will learn something as well.

Visit Marion's Forum Here

Joe Downing
Joe Downing
Lead Design and Content Manager
Hello Everybody!

I've been waiting all month to ask this question, "Have you nominated another AdlandPro member for anything this month?"

There are several feature forums in the community that highlight individuals for many different aspects of their participation in the community.  With all the forums online and the great number of individuals and the lack of time to visit all, it is a good opportunity to find these folks and their forums OR to have yours found.  Why?

Many of the most active members frequent these forums and leave messages of congratulations, vote status, helpful hints, humor, great images, inspirational thoughts, deep discussions of various topics, direction to mis-notified forums and just about anything else you can imagine.  By visiting these forums and leaving a response, others will become more aware of you.  Most of us are curious when we see new faces around and go check out the profile to see who this person is.  Soon, that new face will have several new friend's invitations.  They will start visiting your

forums.  Eventually, your new friends will want to know what it is that you do.  

What does making new friends have to do with nominations?  Once you become a seasoned AdlandPro member, you will have come to know  a lot of new members.  You more than likely will have made some great friendships.  You will have become very familiar with their forums.  It will become evident that you like their forum and soon feel that everyone should know about it or them.  That is when you should consider nominating them for one of the feature forums.  Note:  Be sure and read the rules and regulations for that forum's nomination process before submitting your nomination.

One of the greatest acts of kindness is to praise others.  It is the Best Forum Award's hope that you will be inspired to help each other in developing forums that will achieve recognition for yourselves.  In doing so, you will develop strong bonds of friendship, professionalism and the community will continue to be recognized for passing around a lot of goodwill.

So, get started today and nominate someone!

Kind hugs to all,

Joe Downing

Bogdan Fiedur Bogdan Fiedur
Hi Pauline,

I want to congratulate you and Joe for this newsletter.  What a breath of fresh air.

Everybody I talked to likes it. Keep up the good
work !

* * * * *
Walter Seward
Walter Seward
Thank you for the newsletter!

* * * * *
Marion Tucker
Marion Tucker
Good job!  I think the newsletter is wonderful, but then why wouldn't it be with you at the helm of it. 

God Bless!
Marion Tucker

* * * * *
Nan Herring
Nan Herring
This is a great newsletter. It is very inspiring. We all need to reach for greatness.

* * * * *
Nick Grimshawe
Nick Grimshawe
OMG, what a difference!!!!!!!!! Now that's a newsletter!!!
BFA brings Joy through its Award Of Appreciation..
Shirley Caron was our first winner of the award.

Michael Caron
Michael Caron
Hi Pauline,

 I had already gone to bed and Shirley called me.  I thought that she had fallen and rushed to see what was wrong.  When I got into the computer room her eyes were full of tears and she pointed at the screen and said, "Look!!!!"  She was so very happy.  I hugged her and said, "You are loved, honey.  You are loved."  I thank you so much for this.  I would be honored if and when you have the chance, to stop by my Welcome to our Community forum at  and let everyone know how to get into the forum to congratulate her on this.  I have been telling our new members about all of the wonderful things that can be accomplished in our community and this certainlyis about the top of the list.  Shirley has been posting a lot more forums since she heard this great news because she realizes now that although she does not get that many responses people do care and are reading.  You are a wonderful friend and you have made Shirley so happy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

* * * * *
Thomas Richmond
Thomas Richmond

Greetings Pauline and Joe,

Thomas Richmond here, the one thing i would like to get across to every member is that these awards are like "The Peoples Choice Awards" with the same concepts involved, i was very suprised one month when i was a recipient of one. These members are very dedicated members who love our community and is inspired by the love that is shown by everyone who posts there gratitude to. Thank you for such a great opportunity for us all Pauline, Joe Downing and Adlandpro.

God bless you.
* * * * * * * * * * *
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