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        Change is such a part of life and all that’s there to it! With Spring almost here, I am touched by the newness of nature all around. A new beginning of a season, and it brings me to feel the same newness that’s here present in ADLAND! The new look, many new friends, our new Goodwill Ambassador in Alain Deguire already making a difference, new forums & contests and not to mention our brand new ADLAND COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER finally!!!

A HAPPY 2010 to all of Adland, this does seem to be a year of freshness & challenges, of friendships & bonding!

I am happy to finally put together this edition of our first newsletter for the community. Guest feature of a series of interviews have been lined up for your pleasure. Our guest featured will not be a member from Adlandpro but from the world outside ! I met Shirley, our guest featured here at another community I am a member of, and was instantly drawn to her. We became friends and I share that pleasure of knowing her here with you. Do send me your feedback  I always look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your time here in Adland & this edition of our newsletter, I promise you it will only get better!!

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Shirley W. Mitchell, is a member of several Business and Professional Associations. She attended Alabama College at Montevallo, AL; Auburn University at Auburn, AL and Jacksonville State College at Jacksonville, AL. Her Website System is known as "The Shirley System" - consisting of 15 Websites and 13 Blogs. She is the Author of "Fabulous after 50® - Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow"" and "Sensational after 60® - Loving Life All Over Again", and Co-Author of "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life", "Love Notes for Mom" and "Love Notes for Dad".

Empowered since her youth, to make lives better for those around her, this Positive Lady laughs at the word "Retirement" ! Her passion and knowledge of Dynamic Aging build instant rapport with audiences. Her life shines as an example of "Positive Aging". A Woman who is strong in her Passions, Hopes & Dreams; who enjoys Inspiring others to Live Life with Fullness, and with an Adventure to Grow Spiritually. She passionately embraces aging, and growing gracefully in the passage of years.

A Top Author, Writer & Speaker on Aging, Seniors and the Baby Boomer Generation, she has appeared on many National and Local Radio & TV Shows, and is the "Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host" of the Top-Rated "Aired and Archived" "Aging Outside the Box®" Syndicated Radio Show. She also has a Second Branded Radio Show at "Aging Outside the Box®-Christian Spiritual Sparks™ on WBXR-am1140 in Huntsville-AL and KXKS-am1190 in Albuquerque-NM, which are owned and operated by Wilkins Communications Network, Inc. "Columnist of the "Fabulous after Fifty™" Newspaper Column for 19 years running, and the Syndicated Column, "Spiritual Sparks for Baby Boomers™"; a regular Contributing Columnist-Writer for "Senior Lifestyle Magazine", "Senior Evangelism Partnership" and "Passionate for Life Magazine". She has an On-Line Newsletter at "Passionate Sparks™".*

*Introduction excerpts source

Pauline: Thank you Shirley for giving us the time & the privilege of this interview.

Shirley: Hi Pauline, It’s a pleasure.

Pauline: I just have to tell you …yet again… that you are such an inspiration to me and I am sure will be to our readers once they get to know you more closely after this interview. Tell me when did this inspiring journey start for you? When did you know you wanted to be a writer, and the subjects you chose to write about & the other very many things you do to make a difference?

Shirley: Pauline- We serve an awesome God! Nothing is impossible with HIM! I was raised on a cotton farm, working the fields with grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunts, cousins, mom and dad, brother and sister.

I graduated with high honors from high school. The first year I attend Alabama College at Montevallo, AL, my first grade for my first freshman theme, in Freshman English 101 was a big red F, with a note from my teacher (this is the worse theme I have read!). I went to my dorm room, put my head under the pillow on my bed and cried. I prayed, Lord, I’m too dumb to attend college.

After college I married and had children. I grew in my Christian walk attending my local church. One morning during my quiet time, I prayed, Lord, I’m yours, whatever you have for me to do I will do. The phone rang just as I got off my knees. It was a National Representative of CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S CLUB. She informed me they were beginning a new chapter in my county. She asked me to be prayer chairman. I immediately said yes.

My participation in the Christian Women’s Club proved to be a huge blessing in my life. That was in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The CWC produced a National Magazine called PROGRESS. I sent in an article to the editor MY SPECIAL VOCATION, wife, mother, home maker. The publisher accepted the article and put my picture on the cover. The response from this article sparked my passion to write to encourage women and spread the gospel.

Pauline: What would you attribute your success too?

Shirley:  I attribute my success to a calling from Jesus Christ. The passion to encourage women and spread the gospel proved to be the spark that created a huge fire in my heart to write, speak, and participate in radio and television. From that time on, I have worked hard getting out books, researching for speeches, and traveling to events, and writing a weekly newspaper column in my local newspaper. Being involved has broadened my circle of life, kept me reading, learning, and keeping up with current events. This line of work has certainly enriched my life and given me more depth in the Bible. My persistence plus passion equals pizzazz!

Pauline: Adlandpro, being an Internet Marketers Community, we are definitely interested to know to what degree has marketing yourself online contributed to your high level of success?

Shirley: I’ll have to give credit to my agent for the tremendous success created on the internet. He saw my vision for my dreams and passions. 7 years ago, he bought space on the Internet and has skillfully used that space to put our books, radio shows and events into cyberspace.  The social sites, websites, blogs, have given us a huge presence. My Agent handles everything for me that concern the Internet.

Pauline: Who was it that inspired you the most through your journey …how & why?

Shirley: The feed back from people whose lives have been enriched. The number of individuals who came to the faith.  The many friends I’ve made across the country. And my Agent who made me aware of just how much the World Wide Web could contribute to my "Presence".

Pauline: With recession came depression, what would be your advice to those hit severely by it?

Shirley: Stay close to the faith. Get back to basics. Dinner at home every night with the family around the table will spark conversation and closeness. We as a country, as we cut back on buying things, will realize we do not need that much extra stuff.  I have simplified my life by downsizing, and having only the simple furniture and appliances that I need to live. This is a good time to help others who are in need. Many churches are helping their church flock to find jobs. The church family is very important during times of depression or illness.

Pauline: On a more lighter note I just have to ask you this: What is Shirley like on a day at home, yes that’s when you’re not working…just relaxing & taking a break?

Shirley: Oh, you know, Pauline I’ll be reading 2 or 3 books. I enjoy good quality television, like the Hallmark Channel.  I will spend a small amount of time checking up on the news. I love to lunch with friends. I have 10 Grandchildren and 1 Great-Grandchild. When I have a leisure day it’s fun to take my youngest, Lawrence and JoAnna, to the Pizza Hut and then to a movie of their choice and eat pop corn. I enjoy relaxing with a cup of specialty coffee, or hot tea. And I enjoy viewing all the places on the Internet that I have been placed.

Pauline: Is there anything in particular you would like to tell our readers?

Shirley Yes, just want to say that my focus is on AGING OUTSIDE THE BOX®.  As we age we should radiate the light of Jesus. During the sunset years of our lives, we should focus on a deepening love affair with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Time in Bible study, meditation, and prayer is time well spent. As we age we gain wisdom, the ability to love deeper, and the opportunity to accomplish the things on our bucket list.

Pauline: I on behalf of ADLANDPRO  would like to thank you SHIRLEY once again for doing this interview for us.

Well  there you are friends, I hope you  enjoyed getting to know Shirley,  Next edition will feature a guest from a very different field of entertainment…so look out !!!

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Now, are we all clear about the meaning of «Goodwill»? Since we are an International Community with different languages and culture, I think it is very Important to define clearly what we are talking about here…

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A second meaning to Goodwill as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary is «An Attitude of Kindness or Friendliness; Benevolence». And, Benevolence is defined by the same dictionary as «An Inclination or Tendency to do Kind or Charitable Acts». There we are… That is exactly what we are referring to in AdlandPro when talking about Goodwill!

You have possibly noticed already that there is something Different about AdlandPro. AdlandPro is a «Free Classified Advertising, Promotion, Networking, Marketing and Earning Opportunities» Site like many others on the internet; combined with a Networking Community – mainly a Business Networking Community – again like many others on the Internet. The Difference lies mainly in the Humane Approach… and, this all starts with our CEO and Friend, Bogdan Fiedur. We can feel the Difference almost from day one, because Bogdan is not only looking at the Money Perspective but is also very much focused on the Humane Aspect of it… He realizes and understands that we are dealing here with Human Beings and, he is really doing all he can and all it takes to make AdlandPro the most Friendly Community on the Internet. By «Who he is», he Attracts within the Community many People with a Similar Focus whom together Contribute to Create the «Best Place to Be on the Net»! THANK YOU Bogdan for being «Who You Are» and for Creating such an Amazing Site!

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As the new Goodwill Ambassador, again nominated by Bogdan himself – I would not be here if it was not his decision first to move even further on the Goodwill Aspect of the Community - I will be looking at How We – Together – as a Community – can move one step forward in our Goodwill Achievement. I am interested in Contributing to the Expansion in the Number of Members of the Community as well as in Making this Community even more Welcoming, Supporting and Loving to all of the Members… Naturally, along the Way, in Respecting as much as possible all of the Difference in Interest, Objectives as well as Cultural and Personal. And, I also intend to Achieve a Greater Blending of the Goodwill and Business Facets of the Community – I personally feel too much disconnection here and, I am positive that a Better Harmonizing could only be Beneficial to everyone involved. This is a Challenging Task but, for me, this is like Working at a Better World within my Small Environment, within this Small Community… our Small AdlandPro World!

And, finally, I hope You can feel and understand that I cannot achieve this task alone... I NEED YOU! This is a Community Challenge! And, Together, We can Contribute and Set AdlandPro as an Example of a Better World to Live in My Friends! I NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION! 



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